Opes' New Box was a project based on Hans Christian Andersen's Emperor's New Clothes. The idea of the project was to take the classic tale into a modern context, looking at consumer culture and the popularity of Apple products.
The basic story of the project was as follows: The CEO of a large technology conglomerate passes away and in a shocking move elects in his will to pass his position on to his inexperienced, incompetent son, rather than his protege. In an act of revenge against the new CEO, the protege, under the guise of helping him, gives him the plans to what he tells the CEO will be the company's new hit product, The Box. The Box seemingly does nothing, but the CEO not wanting to seem incompetent sells the product, and the public start buying the Box despite it having no function.

A screenshot from the interface

The initial user journey flowchart

The Opes Website
In order to build the story world of the project, I created a fake corporate website for the creators of 'The Box', Opes Corp. Sadly no longer online, the website was full of fake product pages, which I photoshopped together fake products for. I also created full corporate branding for the company including a full style guide and logos. The website was an obvious spoof of websites from Microsoft and Apple, complete with cheesy slogans for products such as 'Join The Revolution'.

The homepage of the mock website

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